Activities available at Jämi include for example:

  1. skiing, also in the indoor skiing facility from the end of September to January/February.
  2. biking
  3. roller skiing of skating
  4. hiking
  5. airfield activities (Jämijärvi airfield os often referred as Jämi airfield)
  6. winter golf
  7. beach volley, minigolf, swimming, gym
  8. paddling
  9. programme services such as paintball,  all-terrain vehicle driving or fun like this:

Jämi is often a locations for variety of events such as flying shows, dog shows or sports contest (skiing, biking, orienteering).

You may see locations or routes for Jämi and the whole Hämeenkangas area at

Jämi is part of UNESCO GEOPARK called Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas. See also Services and acitivities around Geopark-area are also listed there.

Attention. From time to time, there are military training activities of the nearby garrison in the Hämeenkangas area. Avoid approaching military vehicles. Exercises are organized mainly on the west side of Hämeenkangas nearby Niinisalo garrison. You can check the situation in the annual plan of the Defense Forces from here.